Sunnybroms Conference at Caloundra

The 19th Australasian Bromeliad Conference took place in Caloundra, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast from 31 March to 2 April 2017. The event was hosted by the Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society, where Cheryl and Ralf of Wildfire Garden Nursery are active members.

Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society Team
Ema reviewing the set up for conference

Some of the highlights included a presentation by keynote speaker Chester Skotak, the chance to mingle with bromeliad enthusiasts from around the world, and of course the opportunity to see so many different genera on display.

Wildfire Garden Sunny Broms Conference Display
Wildfire Garden Display at Sunny Broms
Sunny Broms Surf Display
Golden Broms Conference
Sunny Broms Conference Displays
Sunny Broms Conference Display
Sunny Broms Conference Display Vrieseas
Sunny Broms Conference Display Skotaks Treasures
Sunny Broms Conference Corner Display
Bromeliad Society 50 years

The conference agenda included garden tours and Wildfire Garden was part of the itinerary. A tropical cyclone in far North Queensland brought massive amounts of rain, which meant lots of flooding on the property and for a moment it was thought the garden tours wouldn’t go ahead. But a bit of rain didn’t stop these bromeliad enthusiasts getting their fix. Luckily the rain stopped enough and the bus was able to make it down the driveway for the visit to go ahead,

Wildfire Garden Yandina Flooded Roads
Wildfire Garden Muddy Driveways
Wildfire Garden Yandina

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