A spikey addiction to Orthophytums

You know you have an addiction to the spikey goodness of orthophytums and sincoreas when they start closing in around you.

With all this extra time in isolation, we have been cleaning up the collection and removing all the dead mothers to get them ready for feeding. Even the weeding is done. Would you believe that tweezers came in handy for that.

These babies are looking good!

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  1. sandi ingram says:

    Orthophytoms: just wondering how much they are please? I saw some at Kevin’s place at Keil Mountain and he said he got them from you


    1. Hi Sandi, the Orthophytums range in price as there are many different kinds. Give us a call tomorrow on 0403 193 069 and I can chat to you by phone to run you through some options. Warm Regards, Cheryl


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